Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miss Nude Oregon 2009

Since I am running for Miss Nude Oregon 2010 ( the finals will be held October 14th at Dolphin Two - Come cheer for me!!)   I thought I would post a little write up about last years contest.  Ah - memories...

Miss Nude Oregon 2009

After escaping the drudges of the San Francisco Strip Club scene, excuse me, “Gentlemen’s” Clubs, I quickly realized that the gentleman that they were referring to were not the owners and managers of these facilities. For the first time in the 8 years of exotic dancing, I understood why the industry has such a dark cloud as a reputation. I truly felt degraded working there. A piece of cattle in an over packed barn. But I digress, I can spend an eternity dissecting these corporate “Flesh Casinos” – and I intend to. Mark my words Déjà Vu Corp: I will aid in your destruction while I am on here on earth! It is one of my many goals to further positive sexual expression in this world.
First, I want to tell you a tale of coming home again. I have to say, I was really shaken when I returned to Portland – not feeling that great about the industry as a whole. At Déjà vu, the very things that set me apart as a dancer in Portland –my showmanship, my pizzazz, my skills as an entrepreneur and most of all my brains were considered a detriment. I had lost my sense of inner confidence as a stripper – the thing we need most to make us money. Luckily, it didn’t take long to regain my footing in the Portland scene. Boy, do we have it good. I find it hard to complain nowadays.

When the Miss Nude Oregon pageant came around, I had gained some of my Mojo back but I was still unsure of competing. My interest was sparked further after finding out that Exotic Magazine was now helping run the contest. A much needed boost for the pageant. Over the last several years the Dolphin Clubs were holding the contest and each year a Dolphin girl claimed the prize, including me in 2005. Although I firmly believe that the contests were not rigged, it is easy to win a contest based largely on crowd applause when it is held at the club you work with. Consider it home field advantage. Also, each winner would share the secret of her success to the next girl she wanted to win. I did it too. I practically handpicked my successor by aiding her in her bid. Soon, the contestants from other clubs stopped making a showing and the contest became about which Dolphin girl would gain the cover of Exotic that year.

With X-Mag leading the contest, they spread the preliminaries and finals throughout the clubs in the city and Salem too. I felt a stir inside me to prove something to myself and the industry. I had heard so many rumors of my past titles being rigged, the sexual acts I had to do in order to ensure my win, etc., that I felt like this was not only my opportunity to prove the gossipers wrong, but also to see how I truly stood up against the best exotic dancers in Portland – we really have some AMAZING performer.

I didn’t go into the preliminaries and semi’s with guns blazing – I wanted to keep some of my fire for the finals. It is also a good way to have the other contestants to under estimate you (that’s a tip for you future contestants of ANY pageant –don’t say I never gave you nothing). Give enough to make it to the finals but keep yourself off the radar and plan, plan, plan for a SPECTACULAR Finale – pull out every trick you have in your arsenal.

I have to say, I was plenty worried at the finals. 16 of the BEST performers I have seen in Portland. Some of them have inspired me for years – raising the bar...or the pole in our case: Sequoia and Pantera from the Viewpoint, Veesha from Stars Salem, Pistolita and Bea from Sassy’s and the ever snake-a-licious Jackie from Dante’s. Some new girls I have never seen before I moved back, but was really impressed with: Keelie - my coworker from Dolphin 2, Renee from Spyce, Ling from Union Jack’s and Gypsy from Lucky Devil - Wow ladies you guys are forces!!

Unfortunately I did not watch a lot of the shows on the night of Finals (another tip: don’t psyche yourself out watching the competition and comparing yourself. Focus on what YOU have to give and give it good) until after my set. I decided to perform a show that was close to my own heart – I performed to the music I like best – Techno and Dubstep- expressing what I like to do best: dance all night long. I brought glow sticks, used the psychedelic lighting to my advantage, air brushed myself with glowing paint and hopefully made the audience feel like they took some LSD! Most of all, I had fun! Wow, did I have fun!! Side Note: I also had a LIVE violin playing along to one of my tracks but it got overlooked due to the fact that she was WAY on the other side of a packed room – my bad, will work it into another show.
I guess the fun paid off cuz I took the 1st runner up prize!! The winner, Lacey from Spyce, won by a mere 5pt lead.
Here is how the voting worked:
½ of the score was based on judges (I had the highest score)
¼ of the score was based on audience applause ( I had the most applause and therefore the most points awarded for that category)
¼ of the votes were based on how many audience votes you sold. The audience had the opportunity to buy $1 tickets which they could write their favorite girl’s name on the back before turning in. I sold about 280 – Lacey sold about 1800. I hear her boss and owner of Spyce nightclub bought the majority to ensure the title go to his club. That was smart on his part, advertising is expensive.
3rd place was awarded to Pistolita for her stunning Thriller set.
Now, I could be bitter because the top prize was basically bought for Lacey, but I am not and here is why: I won my NW Top Entertainer Prize in almost the same way she did. Both Sequoia and I had perfect judges scores and it came down to pay-per-votes which I sold twice as many as here. Rumors were that the owner of Dolphin bought them. Untrue. I love my boss, but he is kind of cheap – no offense Dean. I actually had a wealthy customer come in and spend a lot to make sure I took the prize. So, the lesson is karma catches up with you in the end and this time it let me see the other side of buying a prize. Fair is fair though, I knew the rules and I could have done the same. Make no mistake, the strip club industry is here because of money, so why wouldn’t you structure a contest without it being part of the game. Our job is not just to dance but convince people to give us money. It’s a part of the hustle. In hind sight I could have done a better job making sure that my wealthiest customers came to spend. I will be prepared next year – watch your back Spyce because the title is coming back to the Dolphin soon and I will be wearing that tiara again.
I am glad things worked out the way they did. If I had won, I would have had to deal with the backlash that the contest was rigged so another Dolphin girl would win. I have had enough of that. Instead, I got to perform in front of a huge population of the who’s who in the industry and I left an impression. I don’t think that they doubt that I am in fact one of the best performers in Portland.
My confidence is back – actually even higher than before. Now I am ready to make my mark on this erotic world, starting with Oregon and working my way across this nation and then the globe.
Thank you for all the support from:
The Dolphin Clubs – there is a reason I have stayed for so long just there – they treat a girl right.
Everyone who came and supported me
All the contestants for bringing their best and pushing me
Exotic Magazine for bringing a well organized contest
Sheena G for being so much fun to perform to – your smile is magic and I will do anything in my power to help it spread across your face. You are also an inspiration to the entrepreneur in me waiting patiently to be let out

Bettering the world, one strip club at a time

I have been a dancer in the Erotic Dance industry for almost 9 years - I always get a chill whenever I say that out loud.  Now, most dancers who have been working as long as me have become bitter and hard.  This is not me. I actually think this industry has helped me become a complete person rather than hinder me.  I have had a very successful and fun career. 
I have met far more wonderful beings than creeps. 
I don't think men are assholes - in fact my experiences at the clubs have increased my compassion for the opposite sex. 
I am not a bimbo who is overly concerned with her looks.  My brain is my number one asset and I honor it.
I could go on and on....the point is: I LOVE WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING!!  I consider it my career - yes, I am a career Stripper!! 

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Athena, you can't do this forever." and "your looks will run out". 
I know all of that and I thank you for your concern.  What I also know is that I have a personality that fits being a stripper perfectly and I actually know I am following my life path by being a stripper.  More on that later.

 I have SO many observations, critiques and advice to dancers and customers that I have accumulated over the years floating in my head. It's driving me crazy.  I need an outlet.  I am going to be using this Blog to channel some of those out of my brain and hopefully these words will find those that can use it to better this world - or just to better their strip club experience.